David Dewhurst

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Party Republican Party

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Election Outcome
Lieutenant Governor, 2014-05-27 Lost with 34.95%
Lieutenant Governor, 2014-03-04 Went to runoff with 28.31%
U.S. Sen., 2012-07-31 Lost with 43.20%
U.S. Sen., 2012-05-29 Went to runoff with 44.60%
Lieutenant Governor, 2010 General Election Won with 61.78%
Lieutenant Governor, 2010 Republican Party Primary Election Won with 100.00%
Lieutenant Governor, 2006 General Election Won with 58.19%
Lieutenant Governor, 2006 Republican Party Primary Election Won with 78.26%
Lieutenant Governor, 2002 General Election Won with 51.77%
Lieutenant Governor, 2002 Republican Primary Election Won with 78.52%
Land Commissioner, 1998 General Election Won with 57.42%
Land Commissioner, 1998 Republican Primary Won with 51.20%