Personal Profile

Full Name Joe L. Barton
Age 69
Hometown Ennis
Race White
Education B.S., Texas A&M University, 1972; M.S., Purdue University, 1973
Spouse: Terri

Congressman Joe Barton was first elected in 1984. He serves the Sixth District of Texas.

Barton served as chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce from
2004-2007. Barton is currently the senior Republican and serves as Chairman Emeritus of the full Energy and Commerce Committee.

Barton takes responsibility for both the first electricity deregulation legislation to pass a
House subcommittee, and for legislation that deregulated the natural gas industry.
Barton is a founding co-Chairman of the Congressional Privacy Caucus.

In November 2003, National Journal ranked Barton as one of the “Republicans to

He graduated from Texas A&M, where he majored in industrial engineering, in 1972. He
went on to earn a Master’s of Science degree in Industrial Administration from Purdue

He rose to the position of Assistant to the Vice President of Ennis Business Forms. In
1981, he was selected for the White House Fellows Program and served as an aide to
Energy Secretary James B. Edwards. He returned to Texas in 1982 as a natural gas
decontrol consultant for Atlantic Richfield Oil and Gas Company before being elected to

Barton and his wife Terri have homes in Ennis and Arlington, Texas. He has four
children, two stepchildren and five grandchildren