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Kiah Collier

Kiah Collier reports on energy and the environment for the Tribune. Since graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in philosophy and multimedia journalism, Kiah has reported on state and local government and politics for publications across the state, including the Austin-American Statesman and the Houston Chronicle. Kiah began her career at the San Angelo Standard-Times in West Texas, where she chronicled a burgeoning oil-and-gas boom and broke news about energy companies' voluminous water use during a prolific drought. The high point of Kiah's Tribune tenure so far came in early 2017 when she won a Peabody Award for her work on a project that examined research into a specific type of hurricane scientists say will eventually devastate the city of Houston.

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High Court Hears Groundwater Case

After hearing oral arguments Wednesday, the Texas Supreme Court will consider whether a provision in oil-and-gas law that protects landowners who don’t own the minerals beneath their property should also apply to those who don’t own the groundwater.

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High Court Might Clarify Water and Surface Rights

With developers, water marketers and others gobbling up acreage to secure groundwater rights, the state's highest civil court is set to consider what rights landowners have to protect them from unfettered development of pumping operations on their land.

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