Signs of Discontent

Texans gathered for a "nullification" rally at the Texas Capitol on Saturday, January 16, in protest of federal healthcare plans in particular and federal spending and laws in general. They called on the state government to "nullify" what they contend are unconstitutional actions by the federal government — that is, to opt out of pending healthcare legislation and other federal programs and laws they feel go beyond the bounds of the U.S. Constitution. Most of the photographs that follow were taken by Bob Daemmrich; a few were shot by Ross Ramsey.

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The GOP Debate: Spin Room

Post-debate spin from Governor Rick Perry's campaign manager, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's spokeswoman and Debra Medina herself.

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The Air War

Let the barrage begin. It's a new year and a new phase of the media race for the GOP nomination for governor.

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