Hopson Campaign Commercial

Hopson vs. Walker 2008 commercial

Brian Walker, a former opponent who endorsed Chuck Hopson's bid for reelection after Hopson's party switch (from the Democrats to the Republicans), was the subject of a Hopson attack ad in last year's election. Full Story 
Elise Hu

John Bradley vs. Sam Bassett

A video mash up of former Texas Forensic Science Commission chair, Sam Bassett, responding to the testimony of the current chair, John Bradley. Full Story 
Justin Dehn

Justin's Story

His name is Justin. He’s a heroin addict. He’s been sober for 42 days. And he's 16. Full Story 
Elise Hu

Bartlett on Rick vs. Kay ... and Bush?

Dan Bartlett, George W. Bush's communications director and counselor, talks to the Tribune's Evan Smith about whether the former president's loyalists -- and the former president himself? -- are taking sides in the Republican primary for governor. Full Story 

KHOU-TV: A Few Minutes with Farouk Shami

A few minutes from KHOU-TV's October interview with Farouk Shami, the Houston hair care executive who says he's going to run for Texas governor as a Democrat. He pledges to spend $10 million from his personal fortune to get the job. Full Story