Tribpedia: Tom Schieffer

Tom Schieffer, born John Thomas Schieffer (1947), is a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate for governor, Texas state lawmaker and U.S. diplomat. Schieffer received appointments by President George W. Bush to serve as ambassador to Japan and Australia.

He is a former business partner of George W. Bush. Together they invested in the Texas Rangers baseball club. Schieffer is also ...

No Dollar Left Behind

Let's say you're a donor to a candidate or an elected official who quits a race mid-campaign or chooses to not run for reelection. What if you made a contribution to one of the nine Texas legislators who decided not to seek reelection this year, or to a former diplomat who toyed with a bid for governor but ultimately thought better of it, or to a tech executive who considered a challenge to a member of Congress but decided against running at the last minute? What happens to your money?

2010: Changing Horses

Three Democratic legislators who came out early for Fort Worth's Tom Schieffer in the race for governor say they'll go with Houston Mayor Bill White, who entered the race as Schieffer exited. 

White Stumps Austin

Houston Mayor Bill White has hit the campaign trail after joining the race for governor late last week. One of his first stops was Austin. The Capital city is considered a democratic stronghold. And made for a nice safe place to start his run for governor. Ben Philpott is covering the Texas governor's race for the Texas Tribune and KUT News.

Audio: White Hits the Road

After Houston mayor Bill White joined the race for governor late last week, one of his first stops was Austin, a Democratic stronghold that made for a nice, safe place to start his campaign.

2010: Kinky Moves?

Texas Democrats aren't through with the changes on the statewide ticket. Take a look at this teaser from gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman, issued after Hank Gilbert exited the governor's race, set his heart on being agriculture commissioner, and endorsed Farouk Shami.

2010: The Re-Entrance of Bill White

Bill White's expected to announce for governor today. We'll get you caught up to speed on what led to this day, help flesh out what it all means, and take a quick look ahead.

Much Ado About Endorsing

They certainly provide daily fodder for campaign news coverage, but there’s no guarantee that endorsements will translate to anything positive for a candidate — let alone an electoral victory.

Tom Schieffer's Exit

Democrat Tom Schieffer's Austin press conference to announce he's out of the race for Texas governor, and is urging Houston Mayor Bill White to run instead.

2010: Schieffer: House Democrats

State Reps. Garnet Coleman of Houston, Jim Dunnam of Waco, Jessica Farrar of Houston and Pete Gallego of Alpine got out early in support of Tom Schieffer, who dropped out of the Democratic primary for governor today. Their statement:

Democrat Tom Schieffer's Austin press conference to announce he's out of the race for Texas governor, and is urging Houston Mayor Bill White to run instead.

2010: Schieffer's Exit Statement

What Tom Scheiffer said when he announced he's dropping out of the race for governor:

Moderate Democrat 2.0

Bill White is the sort of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Schieffer had hoped to be. He's well-funded. He's got an organization and a base of voters. He's the kind of moderate who can attract votes from independents and not just Democrats. And he never voted for George W. Bush.

Schieffer campaign on poll: Not surprised

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Tom Schieffer's spokesman, Clay Robison, says it doesn’t surprise him that Schieffer trails Friedman because of name ID and the 2006 gubernatorial race. Robison points to what the poll shows about incumbent Governor Rick Perry – that voters ready to get rid of him – and would consider a Democrat.