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Report: Toxic herbicide found in many Texans' drinking water

Nearly 500 water utilities across the state tested positive for atrazine — a weed killer — which can lead to harmful health effects, according to a new report. The Environmental Working Group also found that utilities are testing water during times when the herbicide isn't being used as much — and that they may be lowballing the results.

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Harold "Thump" Witcher Jr., a Fannin County native, and his wife, Patty, live on 485 acres of farmland that sits in an area slated to be flooded to create the Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir. The reservoir will provide water for parts of North Texas.
 Leslie Boorhem-Stephenson for The Texas Tribune

Texas close to gaining first reservoir in 20 years

The Bois d'Arc Creek Reservoir was recently approved for its second $500 million loan as the project nears the beginning of construction in North Texas. The dam and accompanying man-made lake will be Texas' first new major reservoir in almost two decades.

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