Tribpedia: Texas Board Of Pardons And Paroles

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, composed of a chairman and six board members, makes recommendations to the governor about state prisoners' sentences, clemency, parole and supervision. The governor needs support from a majority of the board to alter a prisoner's sentence, which puts considerable weight behind the board's recommendations.

The board performs the following duties, in accordance with Article IV, Section 11 of the Texas Constitution: determine which prisoners are due to be released on parole or discretionary mandatory supervision; determine conditions of parole and mandatory supervision; determine revocation of parole and mandatory supervision; recommend the resolution of clemency matters to the governor.

The seven members are from the department's board offices across the state, including locations in Huntsville, Amarillo, Austin, Angleton, Gatesville, Palestine, San Antonio. Rissie Owens is the current chairwoman. Contact information for each board member can be found here.

They serve staggered six year terms, so that one-third of the members' terms expire every two years.


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