Tribpedia: Texas Association Of Business

The Texas Association of Business (TAB) is an advocacy group that focuses on issues that impact business owners in Texas. The group often testifies on issues during the legisative session, pushing for lower taxes, fewer regulations and less government spending.

While TAB advocates for conservative business issues, the group occassionally works with unlikely allies.  During the 2007 session, TAB joined with several more liberal groups, like the ACLU, the League of United Latin American Citizens  (LULAC) and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) among others, to focus on immigration issuesCalling themselves the TRUST Coaltion, the group pushed for legislation that "is not divisive and avoids the scapegoating of immigrants."  The group successfully killed many stringent immigration bills.

In 2009, TAB announced that the TRUST coalition had been revived, this time to focus on the dropout rate.


Texas Governor Rick Perry hosts a press conference with the Texas Association of Business leaders on April 6, 2006 at the Governor's Mansion.

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