Tribpedia: Steve Mostyn

Steve Mostyn is a Houston-based lawyer and president of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association who became the largest political donor to Texas Democrats during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign cycle. He and his wife, Amber Anderson, pledged to give at least $3 million toward the goal of defeating Gov. Rick Perry and Republican candidates for the Legislature. In the first half of 2010, the pair donated $1.3 million to political committees. 

Mostyn was the sole financial backer behind the Back-to-Basics political action committee when it launched. Back-to-Basics began running ads against Perry in August of 2010. The ads targeted Perry's HPV vaccine executive order, the Trans-Texas corridor, the Perry's rental mansion and Perry's refusal to debate White.

Mostyn told the Tribune in an August 2010 interview that, while he believes in campaign finance limits (Texas currently has none except for judicial races), he will give as much as he can until there is reform because he believes Democrats don't have the resources to counter Republicans. 

Mostyn's law firm in 2009 demanded $86 million in legal fees for representing homeowners and businesses damaged by Hurricane Ike in claims against the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, according to the Houston Chronicle. Mostyn and his form have donated about $2.2 million to candidates and political committees since 2000. 


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