Tribpedia: State Commission On Jail Standards

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards is a state regulatory agency responsible for enforcing jail conditions at local jails in the state. It sets rules establishishing minimum standards for the construction and operation of jails and inspects them for compliance.

Created in 1975 by the Texas Legislature, the commission's authority has expanded over the years to include county, municipal and privately managed jails. The commission also provides assistance to the state jail program.

The commission is a nine-member panel appointed by the governor to staggered, six-year terms that expire in January of odd-numbered years.

The commission holds quarterly public meetings in Austin.


Recently released inmates wait on the corner to receive rides and other arrangements, Thursday, August 11, 2011, at the Harris County jail at Commerce street and San Jacinto street in downtown Houston, Texas. The corner of Commerce and San Jacinto street is often populated with confused inmates who have recently been released and are trying to find their way back home or sometimes just a cigarette.
53-year-old Acy Williams checks that he has all of his belongings shortly after being released from the Harris County Jail on Thursday, August 11, 2011. Williams, who often sleeps on the Houston streets, wandered around the blocks surrounding the jail waiting for his girlfriend to be released.

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