Tribpedia: Scott Henson

Scott Henson is a public policy researcher and writer who authors the criminal justice blog Grits for Breakfast.

A former associate editor at the Texas Observer, Henson spent nearly a decade in Austin as an opposition researcher and writer for government agencies.

His interest in criminal justice reform was sparked by a police brutality incident in his neighborhood, and he later ...

"I Won't Stop Dispensing Justice"

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins won’t go so far as to compare his support to the near-divine fervor of President Obama’s. But Watkins, who gained national prominence for using DNA evidence to exonerate nearly two dozen wrongfully convicted people in one of Texas’ notoriously tough-on-crime jurisdictions, will come close. “It’s a religious experience to vote for Craig Watkins,” Texas’ first African-American D.A. says without irony. Like Obama, he says, other Democratic candidates are “hanging their hats” on his re-election — and on the minority voters he draws to the polls. Like Obama, he’s got “a big target” on his back. “I’ve got to fight the political attacks coming at me from all directions," he insists. “I’ll say it publicly: If you throw punches at us, we’ll drop a bomb on you.”