Tribpedia: Red Light Cameras

Red-light cameras are controversial automated photographic traffic enforcement devices used by municipalities across Texas and the country. The cameras, which vary by manufacturer and vendor, generally monitor intersections and capture photographs and/or video of vehicles if they violate traffic signals.

As many as 46 cities, including Houston, Dallas and Austin, have installed cameras since 2003. Reaction to the installation ...

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Red-Light Camera Cash

Revenue from Texas red-light cameras soared in 2009, with cities collecting more than $62 million from motorists, newly released state records show. We've taken that revenue data to create an interactive visualization that shows how the traffic camera revenue, expenses and profits vary from city to city, along with the proportion of the money that goes to the state.

TribWeek: In Case You Missed It

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A red-light camera intersection in south Austin.
A red-light camera intersection in south Austin.

Data App: Red-Light Cameras

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Explore red-light camera intersections across Texas, or drill down to individual intersections to see images, crash figures and citation totals.