Tribpedia: Race To The Top

Race to the Top is a competitive federal grant program, offering one-time money to state education systems. In Texas, it became a flashpoint for states' rights issues when Gov. Rick Perry chose not to apply to the program.

The U.S. Department of Education built the program as a type of education stimulus — $4.35 billion worth of grants ...

TribBlog: "Mayor, Dogcatcher, Whatever"

Whatever his job might be, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro says he would have applied for the federal government's Race to the Top education grants, which could have been worth $700 million to the state's schools.

Out of the Race

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Texas will not apply for Race for the Top, the one-time federal grant worth up to $700 million for the state. Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott cited strings attached to the potential money: “It was chock full of burdens. Their overall policy was to control curriculum across the country."

Race to the Bottom Line

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The feds want Texas to sign onto a movement toward national education standards in order to get up to $700 million in "Race to the Top" money. Texas officials say our students —and our curriculum — aren't for sale. 

Is Texas in the Race?

The federal government is giving away $4.35 billion to state education systems through Race to the Top. But is Texas already out?