Tribpedia: Race To The Top

Race to the Top is a competitive federal grant program, offering one-time money to state education systems. In Texas, it became a flashpoint for states' rights issues when Gov. Rick Perry chose not to apply to the program.

The U.S. Department of Education built the program as a type of education stimulus — $4.35 billion worth of grants ...

Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott
Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott

TribBlog: More "Federal Takeover" of Texas Schools?

As Texas education officials predicted when objecting to federal Race to the Top grant rules, the feds may now be moving to tie billions more in federal funds to the adoption of national curriculum standards, according to an Education Week report.

TribBlog: "Mayor, Dogcatcher, Whatever"

Whatever his job might be, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro says he would have applied for the federal government's Race to the Top education grants, which could have been worth $700 million to the state's schools.

Governor Rick Perry at the podium in his press conference room
Governor Rick Perry at the podium in his press conference room

TribBlog: States Echoing Texas on National Standards

State school leaders from across the West are complaining of too much federal intrusion into local curriculum decisions, along with inflexible rules – including that national standards be adopted “word for word.”

TribBlog: Will Obama Put Texas Schools Back in the Race?

The president announced he would ask Congress for an additional $1.35 billion for the Race to the Top education grant program — which Gov. Perry spurned last week — along with more flexibility in doling it out to individual districts. He also took a swipe at Texas.

Out of the Race

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Texas will not apply for Race for the Top, the one-time federal grant worth up to $700 million for the state. Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott cited strings attached to the potential money: “It was chock full of burdens. Their overall policy was to control curriculum across the country."

Race to the Bottom Line

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The feds want Texas to sign onto a movement toward national education standards in order to get up to $700 million in "Race to the Top" money. Texas officials say our students —and our curriculum — aren't for sale. 

Is Texas in the Race?

The federal government is giving away $4.35 billion to state education systems through Race to the Top. But is Texas already out?