Tribpedia: Pension Review Board

The Pension Review Board is a state agency that oversees all public retirement systems. It is directed to ensure that the accounts are managed properly and kept financially stable, and to see that the benefits are equitable.

The Texas Sunset Commission offers a more in-depth explanation of the Board:

"Created by the Legislature in 1979, the State Pension Review Board ...

Pension fights in Dallas, Houston raise fears of police, firefighter shortages

Dallas police officers and firefighters march in protest of their failing pension fund in Dallas on April 26, 2017.
<p><span>Dallas police officers and firefighters&nbsp;march in protest of their failing pension fund in Dallas on April 26, 2017.</span></p>

Amid efforts by the Legislature to address immediate pension crises in Houston and Dallas, some see an opportunity to push for a sea change in how cities fund pensions. Critics predict such a move could drive first responders away in droves.

Texplainer: Can Wisconsin Happen Here?

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Gov. Scott Walker should come to Texas, where much of what he’s seeking already exists. The right to bargain collectively isn’t allowed among state employees, and no public employee in Texas may legally go on strike. 

Doubling Down on Pension Losses?

When the economy tanked, public pension funds across the country — including here in Texas — lost billions. Some funds are looking to put more money into private equity, which promises big returns and carries big risks. As Matt Largey of KUT News reports, it could be doubling-down on losses already suffered.

Bamboozled by the Establishment

The big-government crowd in Washington and elsewhere are bankrupting our country. And Republicans are just as culpable as Democrats in treating our taxpayer dollars as “other people’s money” to be spent as they and the special interests decide.