Tribpedia: Neal "Buddy" Jones

Neal "Buddy" Jones, born 1951, is a former Hill County prosecutor and state representative who, with Bill Miller, co-founded and still operates a successful lobby practice, Hillco Partners, in Austin.

Jones, D-Hillsboro, was elected Hill County Attorney, then district attorney, and then won a term in the Texas House in 1981. He served one term there. After losing a 1982 ...

Confidential Conflicts

Lobbyists are required by law to notify their clients if they represent two or more groups with clashing agendas. They are also required to notify the Texas Ethics Commission. Scores of lobbyists have done so in recent legislative sessions. What is not required is for the public or elected representatives to be informed.

The Lobby Wars

HillCo's lawsuit against two of its departing partners is threatening business as usual in the insular world of the Texas lobby, raising the specter of open combat in an industry that prefers to settle its fights behind closed doors. But as its allegations make plain, HillCo believes that two rogue employees are the ones who crossed the line, turning competition for clients into espionage and biting down hard on the hand that fed them.

The Ex Files

How many former state officeholders are registered to lobby in Austin? The answer: 65, or a little less than 5 percent of the 1,475 lobbyists on the rolls at the Texas Ethics Commission, according to a Texas Tribune analysis.