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Outbound Brains

Border communities struggle to keep younger, educated residents when larger cities dangle economic and quality-of-life opportunities. They're afflicted with the reputation of being black holes of talent — where escape is necessary in order to prosper.

Upwardly Mobile

The number of Mexican-born professionals living in the United States has more than doubled since 1995. They're not the undocumented workers you see in evening-news mug shots or aerial photographs of a littered and barren desert. They're college graduates — some with multiple degrees — who join their blue-collar counterparts in their journeys north.

TribBlog: Tarrant County College sued for banning empty holster protest

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“It’s both an ideological concern and a safety concern,” one of the student plaintiffs said. “Obviously college campuses aren’t some magical zone where no violence occurs, and so I feel particularly strongly that every student that feels the need to carry handgun anywhere in their lives should also be able to do so on a college campus.”

Audio: Neglected issues: Higher Education

Although Texas has more massive universities and small colleges than just about any other state, higher education doesn't rank high among issues in play during the governor's race. Reporting on the 2010 election for Tribune partner KUT-FM, Nathan Bernier explains why some people think it deserves greater attention.