Tribpedia: Glenn Smith

Glenn W. Smith is a Democratic political consultant, author and blogger based in Austin, Texas. Before entering the political arena, he was a reporter for the Houston Chronicle and Houston Post newspapers.

Smith led Ann Richards’ successful 1990 campaign for Texas governor. He's also worked for former Texas Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby and U.S. Senator Lloyd ...

Advice for Bill White

He has 31 weeks to make his case that we should fire Rick Perry and hire him instead. But when should he introduce himself to voters? When should he start attacking the governor? When should he spend his millions? Democratic strategists Glenn Smith and Keir Murray and blogger Charles Kuffner answer those and other pressing questions for the Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

Do Coattails Exist?

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The idea that the popularity of a candidate at the top of the ballot can pull down-ballot candidates to victory may be only slightly more real than the Loch Ness monster.

Tony Sanchez, Farouk Shami
Tony Sanchez, Farouk Shami

The Rich are Different

When political consultants take on wealthy candidates, does that mean they can milk them and their campaigns for all they’re worth? Are they simply trying to help good people get elected? Or both?