Tribpedia: Craddick D's

"Craddick D's" was a term used in the Texas House speaker's races of 2007 and 2009. It refers to Texas House Democrats who have supported Speaker Tom Craddick in his internal races to lead the chamber.

Craddick D's received plum chairmanships and/or committees in return. The term is irrelevant now that Craddick was defeated as speaker by fellow Republican Joe Straus in 2009.

House Democrats considered Craddick D's: Al Edwards, Houston; Aaron Pena, Edinburg; Tracy O. King, Eagle Pass; Helen Giddings, Dallas; Sylvester Turner, Houston; Ruth Jones McClendon, San Antonio; Ryan Guillen, Roma; Harold Dutton, Houston; Dawnna Dukes, Austin; Kino Flores, Palmview


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