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State government

The latest state government news from The Texas Tribune.

  • Dropout problem drags Texas down

    The 2007-08 graduating class started with more than 370,000 students — and ended with about 237,000, or 64 percent. Not all …
  • Trouble in the big tent

    Republicans Thomas Ratliff (left) and Don McLeroy prepare to square off for a State Board of Education primary.
  • The Polling Center: Our Inaugural Election Survey

  • Disabled students restrained, injured in public schools

    Jennifer Howson was restrained dozens of times in her Kemp public school, often sustaining injuries like these.
  • TribBlog: Permanent School Fund Rebounds. But Will Schools Benefit?

  • Rick vs. Kay: Battle of the Titans

  • Shapleigh's out and then what?

  • Keeping Count

  • Is there a doctor on the line?

    Perry shakes hands after a speech in the Texas House.