Mental Health Matters

Throughout Mental Health Month in May 2016, The Texas Tribune partnered with the Mental Health Channel and KLRU to focus on some of Texas’ biggest challenges in providing mental health care. The series featured a mix of traditional Tribune reporting, a panel discussion hosted by KLRU, deep-dive reporting videos and a PBS special that aired nationwide. Topics of coverage included hurdles specific communities face and their workarounds, mental health in our school system, veterans and mental health, and mental health and the criminal justice system.

Targeting Mental Health Services on a Community Level

When federal mental health care services diminished dramatically a few decades ago, community programs were supposed to take their place. This episode of Mental Health Matters looks at which are working today and if they can be affordably replicated.

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Supporting Workers and Their Mental Health

Mental illness is a leading cause of disability in the U.S., resulting in absenteeism, diminished productivity and increased turnover. In this segment of in this episode of Mental Health Matters, we look at several legislative and employer-based policies that strive to support workers and strengthen businesses and the economy.

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