Personal Profile

Full Name John Ratcliffe
Age 52
Hometown Heath
Race White
Occupation Attorney
Education B.A. in Government and International Studies, University of Notre Dame; J.D. Southern Methodist University Law School
Spouse: Michele
Religion Roman Catholic

John Ratcliffe is a limited government conservative with a proven record of defending the Constitution and balancing budgets without raising taxes. He believes the strength of our country comes from the liberty and ingenuity of the American people, not the power of the Federal Government.

As U.S. Attorney, John was the top federal law enforcement officer for a 33,000 square mile area of North and East Texas – including almost all of the 4th Congressional District. In addition to earning national praise for his efforts to combat terrorism, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, public corruption and internet child predators, John also successfully operated and managed a $12 million budget allocated to him by the U.S. Department of Justice.

While mayor of Heath, Texas, the worst recession in 70 years didn’t stop John from keeping his promise to not raise taxes. During his eight years as mayor, Heath was the only municipality in Rockwall County to balance its budget without tax increases. As Congressman, John will continue to fight for the conservative principles that have defined his public service.

Tested Leadership

During the George W. Bush Administration, John was appointed to multiple posts, including U.S. Attorney (2007-2008) and Chief of Anti-Terrorism and National Security for the Eastern District of Texas (2004-2007).

During his tenure, John personally managed dozens of international and domestic terrorism investigations involving some of the nation’s most sensitive security matters. He played an integral role in formulating the DOJ’s terrorism strategies as a member of the Attorney General’s Advisory Subcommittee on Terrorism and National Security.

In addition to combating terrorism, John led a national operation which resulted in the single day arrest of more than 300 illegal aliens. On April 16, 2008, “Operation Plymouth Rock” led to the successful prosecution of hundreds of illegal aliens who committed identity theft and social security fraud to unlawfully gain employment. As the result of John’s efforts, the company which hired the illegal aliens paid a $4.5 million criminal penalty.

When John’s cyber crimes work led to the conviction of a Nacogdoches sheriff’s deputy for child sex crimes, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott publicly declared, “We are grateful to U.S. Attorney John Ratcliffe for his dedication to Texas children.”

John’s Family

John is the youngest of six children raised by hard working middle-class parents, both of whom were teachers. Instilled with his parents’ work ethic, John earned a scholarship to the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated in three years. While attending SMU Law School, John met his wife Michele with whom he has been happily married for 23 years. The couple has two daughters, and the family has lived in Heath, Texas for the past 17 years.