Is the GOP's Tea Party Over?

  • suggested by Ross Ramsey

Arizona was the poster child for Tea Party politics. Now the state's Republican leaders are focusing instead on core establishment issues. The shift there could signal what's to come across the country.

Immigrants fearing deportation under Trump change routines

In Orange County, California, dozens of immigrant parents have signed legal documents authorizing friends and relatives to pick up their children from school and access their bank accounts to pay their bills in the event they are arrested by immigration agents.

Undocumented Woman With a Brain Tumor Locked Up by ICE

According to her legal team, helmed by attorney Marcia Kasdan, the woman — who we will identify as Sara to protect her privacy — was being held at the Prairieland Detention Center in Alvarado, Texas, when she started complaining of terrible headaches.

Demonstrations press Cruz to listen to constituents

More than 200 people with posters, placards and bullhorns gathered outside Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's downtown office Tuesday afternoon to urge him to meet with constituents who don't agree with him, his policies or his president.

Trump Eyes Libertarian-Minded Texas Judge for Federal Court Vacancy

  • suggested by Ross Ramsey

There are currently two vacancies on the New Orleans-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, the federal appellate court whose jurisdiction covers federal districts in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. According to a recent report published in Legal Times, the Trump administration is moving quickly to fill those vacancies and is now considering a shortlist of six candidates for the two jobs

Trump takes new immigration fight to 9th Circuit

  • suggested by Bobby Blanchard

The Trump administration is taking another immigration policy fight to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, less than two weeks after that court delivered a stinging rebuff to President Donald Trump's travel ban executive order.

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