Texas Legislature gun laws

After a heated legislative session dominated by bills allowing handguns to be carried openly in public or concealed in many college buildings, the 2017 Legislature is thus far looking at more modest Republican efforts to expand gun rights in Texas.

Governing Texas in the Donald Trump era

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is promoting his bathroom-protection bill with a poll he paid for that says a majority of all Texans  -- Republicans, Democrats and everyone else -- agree that the controversial bill is a good idea.

Lawmakers OK millions for raises, new staff for CPS

The state will hire more than 800 workers and give pay raises to 7,000 employees within its beleaguered Child Protective Services program as part of an emergency plan to address a manpower crisis that has impaired the state's ability to protect hundreds of vulnerable and abused children.

A tale of two shale plays

As readers of Texanomics well know, there are two sides to the Texas economy right now: The part of the state that's highly exposed to the oil business, which has suffered tremendously over the past two years. And there's the part of the state that's more akin to the rest of the U.S. economy, which continues to do quite well.

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