Could Hillary Clinton Win Texas? Some Democrats Say Maybe

It is a question being asked by Democrats and Republicans alike: Can Mrs. Clinton win Texas? Democrats in the state call it a long shot, but some say they believe she has a chance; Republicans say it will be close but are confident that Mr. Trump will triumph. Political consultants who have both Republican and Democratic clients, and people who study Texas politics, say regardless of Mr. Trump’s narrow lead, he will take the state.

‘Voter error’ flipped GOP ballot to Democrat in Tarrant

Frank Phillips, Tarrant County Elections Administrator, said the election judge voided the woman’s ballot and moved her to a different machine where she was able to cast the vote she wanted. The equipment was checked, no problems were found and election officials were unable to replicate the error at headquarters.

Clergy groups calls for progressive agenda as early voting begins

Charging that the runup to the 2016 presidential election resembles the darkest days of pre-civil rights America, leaders of a new progressive association of religious leaders Monday called on Houston voters to reject candidates whose campaigns have been marked by the "rhetoric of hate and violence."

Does UH have a double standard in protecting intellectual property?

The University of Houston was quick to sue for trademark infringement when a small local law school adopted the name "Houston College of Law." But the university's fervor for protecting intellectual property went cold when a freelance photographer sought payment for an image used by the university in web and print publications without his permission.

Patrick expresses concern over Texas' special ed efforts

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick expressed concern Monday about the Texas Education Agency's arbitrary 8.5 percent "benchmark" for special education enrollments in Texas schools that has driven the percentage of disabled children receiving therapy, counseling and tutoring to the lowest rate in the nation.

Firefighters OK pension plan, but still wary

For the first time ever, the Houston firefighters' pension board agreed Monday to accept benefit cuts for current workers and retirees, potentially paving the way for a solution to a 15-year-old crisis that has threatened to bust budgets and weaken the city's financial stability.

Ike Dike could be hidden by dunes

The "Ike Dike" that is being proposed to protect the Galveston-Houston area from a potentially catastrophic hurricane storm surge could take the form of undulating sand dunes hiding a steel or concrete core.

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