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TribBlog: The 10 Percent Solution

Fresh off of asking for five percent cuts from state agencies and actually approving $1.2 billion of what was proposed, the state's top three leaders are asking for ten percent cuts in the amounts the agencies will be seeking next time the Legislature meets.

TribBlog: Making a Buck Off "Kill Obama" — Updated

The Victoria Advocate, like many other papers, uses a photo service that allows readers to buy the pictures it publishes in a variety of formats. So now readers can purchase T-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs, even a puzzle featuring a photo of the words "Kill Obama" spray-painted on pavement.

T-Squared: We Know Who You Are

As we fan out across the state to solicit memberships, major gifts and corporate underwriting, we're hearing only good things about the size of our audience — a 25 million page view run rate in the first year is no small potatoes — but we're increasingly getting questions about who that audience is. Who's reading the Trib?

TribBlog: W. is for Wind

Former President George W. Bush appeared in rousing, joke-cracking form in a rare speech this morning the American Wind Energy Association's conference in Dallas. He praised Texas wind energy, bashed the media, refused to bash his successor and said his grandchildren will be driving electric cars. He also gave away the first line of his forthcoming memoir, a quote from his wife that got him to quit drinking. 

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