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The Brief: June 3, 2010

BIll White, Rick Perry at their Primary 2010 reception speeches.
BIll White, Rick Perry at their Primary 2010 reception speeches.

For Gov. Rick Perry, the fight between the state of Texas and the Environmental Protection Agency — a textbook example of states' rights versus federal authority — may be heating up at just the right time.

TribBlog: Boosting Broadband

Most Americans can access broadband internet services where they live, but in rural Texas, some still lack the kind of connectivity that allows them to get online without the hassles of dial-up. On June 14, the Texas Department of Agriculture will release information on the state of connectivity in Texas, including maps of where Texans have the best — and worst — internet access.

The Brief: June 2, 2010

The Fort Hood shooter made his first courtroom appearance Tuesday, but a trial, the military court decided, won't happen until October.

TribBlog: "We Texans" Will Party

Debra Medina may have been shut out of the Republican Party of Texas' 2010 Convention in Dallas, but her new advocacy group will still celebrate in the city next weekend.

The Brief: June 1, 2010

Still months away from a BP solution that works, Dallas' Parkland Hospital under investigation ... again, Fort Hood shooter headed to a courtroom and Texas' textbooks don't hold the clout most thought they did.

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