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Slideshow: Rural Vet Shortage Plagues Texas

As more graduating veterinary students flock to big cities, a shortage of rural veterinarians has developed in Texas. Dr. Roberto Margo, 69, has been Rio Grande City’s only veterinarian for 40 years. He has finally found a veterinary student is poised to take over for him.

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 Kathy Milani

Anti-Cockfighting Law Could Aid Enforcement

Animal welfare activists are hoping for a renewed crackdown on illegal cockfighting now that laws passed last legislative session are in effect. Forcing the birds to fight was already illegal; now, it's also against the law to breed the birds or attend a fight.

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 Jon Chomitz

Daniel Yergin: The TT Interview

The Pulizer Prize-winning author and leading authority on energy on his new book, The Quest; the future of Texas energy, including wind, solar and natural gas prices; and the burning national debate on how to spell "fracking."

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