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Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy creates graphics, interactive stories and data-driven features, wrangles difficult datasets and works on tools to make development for the team more efficient. He also oversees the design and maintenance of our large-scale explorers.

Recent Contributions

Illustration by Todd Wiseman / Caleb Bryant Miller

Interactive: Campaign Finance Analyzer

Using campaign finance reports, we've put together a quick way to find the biggest donors to statewide candidates, the distribution of large and small donations, and how much money came in for each date in a reporting period.

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Graphic by Todd Wiseman / Ryan Murphy

Interactive: Special Session Bill Tracker

The second special session has begun — and so has lawmakers' bill-filing. Check out the legislation that's been filed so far, and track the bills as they progress through both chambers or die on the vine.



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Visualization: Executions on Perry's Watch

Wednesday's execution of Kimberly McCarthy for the 1997 stabbing death of her neighbor will mark Texas' 500th execution since 1976 and the 261st during Gov. Rick Perry's tenure. Use our interactive to view information on each execution under Perry.

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