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Jay Root

Jay Root is a native of Liberty. He never knew any reporters growing up, and he has never taken a journalism class in his life. But somehow he got hooked on the news business. It all started when Root walked into the offices of The Daily Texan, his college newspaper, during his last year at the University of Texas in 1987. He couldn't resist the draw: it was the biggest collection of misfits ever assembled. After graduating, he took a job at a Houston chemical company and soon realized it wasn't for him. Root applied for an unpaid internship at the Houston Post in 1990, and it turned into a full-time job that same year. He has been a reporter ever since. Root has covered natural disasters, live music and Texas politics — not necessarily in that order. He was Austin bureau chief of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for a dozen years, most of them good. He also covered politics and the Legislature for The Associated Press before joining the staff of the Tribune.Root is the author of “Oops! A Diary From The 2012 Campaign Trail,” an insider’s account of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s dramatic collapse in the 2012 presidential race. The book was released in September, 2012.

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Bob Daemmrich

Abbott Crushes Davis in GOP Sweep

As expected, Attorney General Greg Abbott crushed Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis in a landslide in the Texas governor's race. Abbott, 56, who will become the first Texas governor in a wheelchair, presided over a sweep of the statewide ballot and helped usher in a whole new crop of Republican leaders.

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Bob Daemmrich

In Rare Retraction, GOP Repudiates Flyers

After Democrat Susan Motley complained about mailers attacking her in a state House race, state GOP chairman Steve Munisteri agreed that the ads were inaccurate. And he's issued a rare retraction to voters in North Texas.

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Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

Perry Calls for "Clean Break" From Obama Era

Gov. Rick Perry took his national ambition to California Monday, bemoaning what he described as a country adrift at home and abroad and predicting that Americans will demand dramatic change in the next presidential election. Perry hit on job creation, foreign policy, energy and more.

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Stephen Spillman / Cooper Neill

Davis Optimistic Despite Long Odds

Democrat Wendy Davis, trying to energize young voters on the University of Texas campus in Austin Monday, said she’s seeing hopeful turnout trends despite a torrent of polls that show she’s losing the governor’s race to Attorney General Greg Abbott by double digits.

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Leslie Boorhem-Stephenson

State Fights Release of Race Records

The Texas Department of Insurance is fighting the Tribune’s request for records that could shed light on why the agency has failed to collect racial data on injured workers, despite a 1993 law that requires it. 

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