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Brian Thevenot

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Past Contributions

  • TribBlog: Praying for Church and State [Updated]

    Former State Board of Education members Don McLeroy and Cynthia Dunbar at a meeting in March 2010.
  • Hussein in the Membrane

    An observer holds a protest sign during testimony at the State Board of Education (SBOE) textbook hearings on Wednesday, M...
  • Separation Anxiety

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  • TribBlog: History Paige

    Article thumbnail
  • Lame Ducks Unlimited

    Cynthia Dunbar and Don McLeroy
  • TribBlog: The Church Board of Education

    Don McLeroy, a member of the Texas State Board of Education, at the Texas Tribune offices in October.
  • Smaller is Better

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  • Grade Stagflation

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  • Data App: 5,800+ Schools Ranked

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  • "The School-to-Prison Pipeline"

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  • TribBlog: Drop-Out Throw-Down!

    Rick Perry, Bill White
  • The Textbook Myth

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  • TribBlog: SBOE vs. the Media

    Gail Lowe