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Hank Gilbert Takes a Stand. Again.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Hank Gilbert stopped in Austin Wednesday to deliver a speech on energy and the environment — the sixth policy proposal he’s released so far. Can Gilbert gain traction by focusing early and often on the issues?

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Shifting Away from the Death Penalty

Texas lawmakers got their chance Tuesday to ask questions about the recent changes on the Texas Forensic Science Commission. Governor Rick Perry replaced several members of the commission – including its chair just days before it was to hear a report that questioned the science used to convict and execute Cameron Todd Willingham for the arson deaths of his three children.

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Audio: The Hunt for a Few Good Republicans

We’re still a few weeks away from the first day candidates can file for various state offices. But over the last few months -- Republicans in Travis County have been working hard to make sure they can fill as many office slots as possible. Not the easiest of jobs in what’s considered a Democratic stronghold.

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Audio: Neglected issues: water

“You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.” The old song might be especially true in Texas, a state with massive population growth and not enough water. Reporting on the 2010 election for Tribune partner KUT-FM, Mose Buchele considers what our next governor of will have to tackle when it comes to water policy.

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Audio: Neglected issues: Higher Education

Although Texas has more massive universities and small colleges than just about any other state, higher education doesn't rank high among issues in play during the governor's race. Reporting on the 2010 election for Tribune partner KUT-FM, Nathan Bernier explains why some people think it deserves greater attention.

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2010 Governor's Race: The Democrats

Almost all of the talk so far about the 2010 gubernatorial race has focused on the battle on the Republican side of the ticket. Democrats have been an afterthought because of a little known or lightly regarded slate of candidates. But Democrats hope a vicious GOP primary battle could damage the majority party enough to carry them to back to power next fall. Ben Philpott is covering the Texas governor’s race for KUT News and the Texas Tribune. He reports on the scenarios that Democrats hope will play out to give them a shot at their first state-wide office in years.

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Perry campaign on the Tribune poll

Governor Rick Perry's campaign spokesman Mark Miner says he's pleased with the poll results showing the incumbent governor with a double digit lead on his main opponent, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Miner's unconcerned about the poll showing Perry in a virtual dead heat against a generic Democrat next November. He says against "real people", the governor does just fine.

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Schieffer campaign on poll: Not surprised

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Tom Schieffer's spokesman, Clay Robison, says it doesn’t surprise him that Schieffer trails Friedman because of name ID and the 2006 gubernatorial race. Robison points to what the poll shows about incumbent Governor Rick Perry – that voters ready to get rid of him – and would consider a Democrat.

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Rick vs. Kay: Battle of the Titans

Today is Election Day for 11 propositions on the constitutional ballot in Texas, but most of the state’s political attention is focused on next November’s gubernatorial election—and the brightest light is squarely on the Republican primary battle between incumbent Governor Rick Perry and U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Ben Philpott, who's covering the governor’s race for Austin public radio station KUT-FM and the Tribune, reports on the battle of the titans taking place in the GOP and what its aftermath could mean for the party in power ... and the Democrats' chances next fall.

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