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Winter Storm 2021

Freezing temperatures are dangerous for homeless people. Shelters are urging Texans to come in off the streets.

Advocates and social workers say there’s enough capacity at warming centers and shelters to ensure no one will be turned away.

A homeless Austinite wears extra blankets to protect against the cold as an unprecedented winter storm grips much of Texas on Feb. 13, 2021.

February Winter Storm 2021

  • When will my water come back? How can I get water in the meantime?

  • Will I get a large energy bill?

  • How can I get updates?

  • I was without power for more than a day. Why are people calling these rolling outages?

  • Wait, we have our own power grid? Why?

  • I read online that wind turbines are the reason we lost power. Is that true?

  • How can I stay warm? How can I help others?

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