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The best of our best content from December 29, 2014, to January 2, 2015.

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Gov. Rick Perry has been outspoken in his frustration with the immigration system. Perry says the system puts state lawmakers on the spot in deciding how to help Texans brought to the country illegally as children through no fault of their own.

There's no doubt that the governor has left his mark on the state’s approach to funding roads. Under Perry's leadership, Texas has been the country’s most aggressive supporter of tolling and private-sector investment in transportation.

More than 100 firms have benefited from the Texas Enterprise Fund, the economic incentive program championed by Gov. Perry to lure more jobs to Texas. Perry's office has nicknamed the fund “the deal closer,” but critics have a different name for it: slush fund.

Protecting Texas' oversight of public school classrooms against federal regulation has been the most prominent feature of Gov. Perry’s approach to education. Perry's impact will also be felt in state-level matters.

Higher education has often been at the forefront for Perry during his time as governor. Perry has had clear influence on the state’s colleges and universities and has emerged as a strong critic of rising tuition.

Gov. Perry has given public remarks countless times over his long tenure. Most have gone off without a hitch. But he'll also be remembered for these gaffes or gasp-worthy moments that left him with some explaining to do.

Perry will leave behind a criminal justice system in healthier shape than when he stepped in as governor. How instrumental Perry was in improving it remains an open question.

When Gov. Perry first took office, Texas’ wind energy sector hardly existed. But the state has since become the nation’s leader in wind energy generation, and Perry — more commonly associated with oil and gas — helped steer that boom.

According to recent data, average levels of ozone — more commonly known as smog — decreased by nearly 25 percent in Texas between 2000 and 2013. But does the credit for cleaning up Texas air belong to the governor?

Gov. Perry has championed private-market health care solutions and criticized public programs like Medicaid for being inefficient.

Thirty years is a lot to attribute to mere luck. Like Rick Perry or not, his considerable political skills have sustained him throughout his career in state politics.

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