Kurt Nordstrom

Study Links Gas Drilling to Earthquakes in Texas

Texans living near the Dallas-Fort Worth drilling area called the Barnett Shale may have recently noticed some tremors under their feet. A new study out this week from the University of Texas names the oil and gas industry as the culprit.

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Helen Slottje

Concerns Over Air Pollution Weigh on Fracking Industry

Oil and gas production has soared in Texas since the introduction of the mining technique called hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking." But the boom in production has also raised concerns about air pollution.

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Ben Sklar

Michael Brick: The TT Interview

The author of a new book that investigates what communities lose when schools are shuttered talks about standardized testing and how students, teachers and parents cope with testing pressures.

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Todd Spoth

The Evening Brief: Aug. 7, 2012

Your evening reading: Cruz, teaming with Romney, says Obama wants to keep poor people "trapped in dependency"; Steinbeck's son jumps into Texas death penalty debate; family physicians group endorses Davis

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