And They're Off!

The start of the 2010 election sprint finds Texas Republicans feverish: Even the sober ones think they could snatch up to 10 more state House seats. Democrats maintain they can still wrest majority control away from the GOP.

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Should Everybody Go to College?

Ask anybody — from the president of the United States to your high school guidance counselor — and you'll probably hear the same, seemingly obvious thing: Higher education is the key to financial advancement. But is everybody going to college a realistic goal? And would the world really be better if we achieved it? Mose Buchele of KUT News reports. Full Story 
Illustration by Todd Wiseman

An Accurate Reading

Rick Perry asserts the Texas economy is one of the strongest in the nation. Bill White eagerly points out what he says are the problems the governor conveniently overlooks. Who's right? Ben Philpott of KUT News and the Tribune looks at how we stack up compared to other states — and our own history. Full Story 

Steve Mostyn: The TT Interview

Already the state's single largest Democratic donor this campaign cycle, the Houston attorney has pledged to contribute at least $3 million to the party and its causes this year and has no intention of turning off the faucet. The man behind the Back to Basics PAC's "coward" ad sat down with the Tribune last week to talk about why he feels the need to give, the influence of money in Texas politics, how "trial lawyer" became a perjorative and what he really thinks of the Democrats' chances this fall. Full Story 
Caleb Bryant Miller

T-Squared: My Q&A With "Al-Qaeda"

Last week, the Trib presented the Texas premiere of My Trip to Al-Qaeda, a new documentary that aired on HBO tonight. After the screening, I interviewed the filmmakers, director Alex Gibney and author and journalist (and Austinite) Lawrence Wright.

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