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HuTube: How Houston Could Become "Extinct"

A campaign flier going out to 35,000 Houston voters says mayoral candidate Annise Parker shouldn't be elected based on her homosexual lifestyle. The sender's argument against Parker for mayor? "Homosexual behavior leads to extinction."

Annise Parker

35,000 anti-gay messages are being sent to Houston voters this week, questioning whether mayoral candidate Annise Parker, who is gay, is fit for the job given her lifestyle.

According to our television partner, KHOU-TV,  Dave Wilson, an electrician, is behind the barrage of campaign fliers. He says Parker should not be mayor because "homosexual behavior leads to extinction."

"I'd like to energize the conservative Christian base in Houston, and get them to vote," he told KHOU reporter Lee McGuire.

The flier features a photo of Parker standing beside her longtime partner at a swearing-in ceremony six years ago. The headline reads, "Is this the image Houston wants to portray?"

Check out the flier and the full story from KHOU:

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