New law boosts Texas' graduation rates to record highs

Critics of a recently passed Texas law that allows students to graduate without passing statewide standardized tests say it has padded graduation numbers and afforded diplomas to students who can't show they have the knowledge they'll need in college, jobs or technical education.

Will water and oil mix in Balmorhea?

Balmorhea is facing a debate that has split communities across the nation, pitting economic development against environmental protection, opportunity against risks and growth against a quieter way of life.

Trump and Clinton play to their own sides of the 'gender gap'

A year later, it appears Fiorina's words were prophetic, as Democrat Hillary Clinton has opened up a 16-point lead with women, a record gender gap. Polls show Trump faces a potentially decisive gender gap across all demographic groups, particularly among unmarried women.

Halliburton 'scraping' forward after failed mega-merger

Halliburton, while still a commanding presence in the industry, has scaled back its ambitions, no longer looking for a bold play to catch Schlumberger, but instead focusing on more efficiently and profitably providing the hydraulic fracturing and on-the-ground services it dominates in North America.

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