Special Report: Police union contracts offer shield of protection

  • suggested by John Jordan

Reuters examined police union contracts across the country and found a pattern of protections afforded officers: Many contracts erase disciplinary records or allow police to forfeit sick leave for suspensions. Meantime, residents face hurdles in pursuing complaints.

The Great Texas High School Football Stadium Boom

In Texas, the old hands say there are only two seasons: spring football and fall football. But lately there’s a year-round game getting played as well: the competition to build the most expensive high school football stadium in the world.

The Evolution of the Energy Capital of the World

Houston’s status as the Energy Capital of the World is indisputable. So much so, that it’s hard to even understand how it ascended to that level—it just is. But if you roll back the clock to the beginning of the twentieth century, its future in black gold was hardly assured.

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