Hidden tax on Texas college tuition must end

In 2013, as chair of the Senate Education Committee, I worked with the Texas House to unanimously pass legislation to ensure that every student would be prepared for college or a career. Many students in Texas need assistance to reach that goal.

Labor of Love

Paul Quinn College president Michael Sorrell thinks his work college model can thrive in cities across the country. But can it work without him?

A bare-knuckled turf war over trash

On the fourth floor of a downtown Austin state office building, a seemingly drab hearing played out the past two weeks. A dozen lawyers, poring over dozens of binders, argued about the nuances of stormwater runoff from a proposed Caldwell County landfill.

Houston woman says Chinese forced her to confess

A Houston businesswoman whom Chinese authorities charged with spying last month after detaining her for more than a year was coerced into a confession and has been hospitalized twice after prolonged interrogation she described as "mental torture," her husband said Friday.

Courtroom showdown: Houston law schools battle over name

One day after the University of Houston gleefully announced its basketball arena would get a new sponsor and name, the Cougars brought out their clutch players Friday for a federal hearing challenging the new name taken by a rival law school across town.

Sewer spills put city under EPA scrutiny

Houston's long-running struggle with sewer spills spares few corners of the city, leaving residents from Gulfgate to Acres Homes unable to shower or flush for days while crews clear blockages, or forcing them to buy gallons of bleach to scrub their bathrooms after backups.

Deadly Accidents, No Answers

Over the weeks and months that followed, as Smith fought for his life, investigators from various agencies and the company itself would try to discover what went wrong that morning. But the one agency with a specific mandate to investigate chemical accidents that result "in a fatality, serious injury, or substantial property damages" did not send anyone to La Porte.

Texas elector threatens not to vote Donald Trump

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But this year, with Donald Trump sitting atop the ticket, Suprun is warning he might not cast his electoral vote for the GOP standard-bearer. Indeed, he won’t rule out throwing his vote to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton if Trump doesn’t moderate his demeanor.

Local hospitals fight DHR expansion

Doctors Hospital at Renaissance is locked in a legal battle with several local hospitals that want to stop it from doubling in size. A U.S. district judge ruled in favor of DHR, but a consortium of hospitals has filed an appeal that is still pending.

Region ready for cruise ships in South Texas

Politicians and area business leaders gathered Thursday in Corpus Christi for a hearing of the Joint Interim Committee to Study the Cruise Industry. The bipartisan panel took testimony that spelled out the merits — and challenges — of bringing the cruise industry to the Texas coast, somewhere between Calhoun and Cameron counties.

Ted Cruz tours Corpus Christi, visits base

The first-term senator met with Naval Air Station Corpus Christi leaders in the morning to discuss the installation's goals and needs, and a proposed wind farm south of the city also was discussed. Cruz was not available to comment on the discussion.

Texas brewers win fight over distribution rights law

By declaring 2013’s Senate Bill 639 to be unconstitutional, state District Judge Karin Crump struck down a law that prohibited brewers from receiving monetary compensation from distributors for their distribution rights. The measure was part of a bundle of legislation that was otherwise a boon to Texas breweries.

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