Tribpedia: Energy

Struggles in the Shale

Across West Texas, wages are soaring for oil and gas industry workers — but so is the cost of living. For those who don’t hold top-dollar energy jobs, just paying the rent has gotten tough. This video is part of our Shale Life project.

An In-Flight Challenge

Grant Swartz has spent much of the last decade in the air, dusting crops over rural Glasscock County. That’s been long enough to see the oil and gas boom drastically alter the landscape of his community. This video is part of our Shale Life project.

First Responders Face New Shale Challenges

The shale boom has led to more traffic accidents and chemical spills in communities facing the bulk of the oil and gas drilling. That means more work for understaffed emergency response units. This video is part of our Shale Life project. 

Life Inside a Man Camp

Visit a “man camp” that has popped up to accommodate West Texas' transient oilfield workers. These temporary neighborhoods are common in the regions touched by the shale boom. This audio slideshow is part of our Shale Life project.