Tribpedia: 2014 Statewide Elections

The 2014 statewide elections feature more open seats — posts without incumbents seeking re-election — than any Texas election since 1990. And even though presidential ballots attract bigger turnouts, a gubernatorial year with competitive races from the top to the bottom of the ballot should engender some voter interest.

As with the 2012 elections, the courts could have a role to play in 2014. Political maps approved by the Legislature have not yet cleared legal challenges; litigation delayed approval of maps and pushed the 2012 primaries from March to May.

Whenever the primaries take place, the ballots will include the statewide races (including three seats each on the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals), all 36 Texas seats in Congress, 15 of the state’s 31 Senate posts and all 150 seats in the Texas House.


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