Tribpedia: 2010 General Election

November 2, 2010 marked the general election, known as a "midterm," since it was a non-presidential year. Voters in Texas chose a governor and a host of statewide candidates, as well as candidates for Congress, the Legislature, State Board of Education and the courts.

The governor's race was a multi-million dollar affair, in which the 30-day out campaign finance reports showed both Gov. Rick Perry and Democrat Bill White spent around $20 million in television and radio advertising. Republican Perry served 10 years by 2010, longer than any governor in Texas history.

In congressional races, two House Democrats were on the ropes. The most endangered was 10-term Rep. Chet Edwards, who faced a challenge from Bryan businessman Bill Flores.

In the Texas House, Democrats played defense, trying to hang on to gains they made in recent years against 2010's Republican wave.

Nationally, both houses of Congress appeared to be up for grabs. All 435 members of the U.S. House were up for re-election. Republicans had to pick up 40 seats to wrest control from the Democrats. Republicans needed to pick up 10 seats in the 100-member Senate to gain control there.

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