Graphic by Matt Stiles

Interactive: Census Totals by House, Senate District

Our new interactive map visualizes population changes by House and Senate district for the total population and residents who are of Hispanic origin. These totals are important now given that lawmakers are preparing to redraw all 181 districts based on their growth, demographics and election histories.

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 Graphic by Jacob Villanueva

State Affairs Takes on "Sanctuary Cities"

Tonight, the Texas House took on another of the issues that Gov. Rick Perry has designated an emergency: sanctuary cities, or cities where police do not enforce federal immigration laws.

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 Justin Dehn

Berman Leads Charge From GOP's Right Flank

In 2009, state Rep. Leo Berman's bills — like the ones restricting illegal immigrants to certain geographical regions and denying them access to higher education — failed to gain traction. But with a Republican supermajority now in control, this could very well be the session of Leo.

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 Illustration by Todd Wiseman

The Weekly TribCast: Episode 67

This week's episode of the TribCast features Evan, Ross, Ben and Matt on the supermajority in the Texas House, possible federal court challenges, the coming Census numbers, the Howard/Neil election challenge and the public school budget battle.

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