Michael Stravato for The Texas Tribune

This is already Houston’s "worst flood." It’s only going to get worse.

As swamped officials struggled to respond to a deadly crisis Sunday, southeast Texans were bracing for their troubles to multiply over the coming week. Harvey is on track to produce even more devastating floods.

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 Pu Ying Huang

Why Houston isn't ready for Hurricane Harvey

Last year, The Texas Tribune and ProPublica investigated Houston's vulnerability to hurricanes and torrential rainstorms. The nation's fourth-largest city is sure to see the latter in the coming days. Here's what we know about what could happen.

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 Edmund D. Fountain/ProPublica/Texas Tribune

Hell and High Water: Houston's Perfect Storm

Houston is the nation's fourth-largest city and home to the largest refining and petrochemical complex in the United States. But many worry it's a sitting duck when the next big hurricane comes. This multimedia project, done in partnership with ProPublica, looks at the dangers for the region.

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 Staff Sgt. James L. Harper Jr.

Researchers: Texas Not Ready for Next Hurricane

Five years after Hurricane Ike slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast, researchers suggest the region may actually be more vulnerable to future storms than it was before, as its population and industry continue to grow without new safeguards.

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