Criminal justice

Keep On Trucking

Texas has the worst rates of cargo and heavy equipment theft in the country. Yet while criminals are raking in billions of dollars each year, the state has never had an organized system to address the problem.

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 Jacob Villanueva

Super Salaries

School superintendent salary data offers a unique window into the vast diversity of Texas districts, from massive to miniscule, and the way they pay their chief executives. One new trend: Performance pay.

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Legal Lottery

Can Texas lottery winners sell all of their payments to private finance companies? State attorneys say no. A state appeals court says yes. The Texas Supreme Court will decide.

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Mapmaker, Mapmaker

Think like the political pros and your mind will go to the long game instead of the short one. The short game is the elections of 2010. The long game is redistricting in 2011, when maps are drawn that corral the voters into the districts that will elect legislators for the next ten years.

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 Texans for Kay campaign

HuTube: Shot Blocker

Gotta hand it to these young Republicans for not letting a bitter battle between their bosses get in the way of polite pleasantries on the street.

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