• Largely Unchecked, Tutoring Companies Got Millions Through Program

    A Texas Tribune investigation of a No Child Left Behind tutoring program has uncovered years of inaction by state officials while money flowed to tutoring companies, delivering few academic results. This is the first story in a series on the program.

  • Explanations Vary as Tutoring Program Falls Short of Expectations

    After hundreds of millions in federal dollars were spent on No Child Left Behind tutoring in Texas, it is difficult to find anyone willing to call the program an unqualified success. And there is disagreement on why the program didn't meet expectations. This is the second story in a series on the program.

  • In Controversy and Success, Tutoring Company Dominates

    Few companies that sprang up in Texas to take advantage of federal funding for tutoring under No Child Left Behind offer a better window into the obstacles to the program’s success than Austin-based Tutors with Computers. This is the third story in a series on the program.

  • After Misuse, a Push to Preserve Tutor Program

    As No Child Left Behind awaits congressional reauthorization, the tutoring industry is energetically pushing federal policymakers to preserve funding for tutoring, either in the updated law or other legislation — lobbying efforts expected to be duplicated in Texas, where tutoring companies have cultivated powerful political ties. This is the fourth story in a series on the  program.