Featured Projects

The Taking

Inside the federal government's haphazard, decade-long process of seizing private land for a border fence.

In Harvey's Wake

The devastation was swift, and the recovery is far from over. Read our ongoing coverage of Hurricane Harvey's aftermath.

Sold Out

How the crusade against sex trafficking in Texas has left child victims behind.

High Impact

Will a years-in-the-making Texas bullet train be derailed?

State of Mind

Community concerns come to the Capitol.

Boomtown, Flood Town

Unchecked development and the risks for Houston.

Rough Patch

How plunging oil prices are reversing fortunes across Texas.


A look at when police pull the trigger.

The Price of Admission

A series on the debate over the Top 10 Percent Rule

Mental Health Matters

A look at Texas’ biggest challenges in providing mental health care

Hell and High Water

Learn why Texas isn't ready for the next big hurricane.

Bordering on Insecurity

An in-depth look at issues related to immigration and border security.

Ballpark Figures

A look at the finances of Texas college athletics


The fights and flights behind Texas' newest space race.

God & Governing

How legislators' personal faith drives their lawmaking.

Road From Rita

Is Texas prepared for the next big storm?

Paid to Prosecute

Should a private insurance company pay public prosecutors?

Blood Lessons

Ten years after a fiery explosion killed 15 in Texas City, preventable deaths continue at refineries.


Many along the Texas border still live without access to clean, safe running water.

Hurting for Work

How disdain for government regulation sparked a “Texas miracle” economy, while tearing down protections for workers who built it.

Contract High

How Texas outsourced crucial state services for two decades — and got smoked.

The Shale Life

How an explosion in oil and gas production is changing lives and fortunes across Texas.

Bidness as Usual

Texans know exceedingly little about who or what influences the people elected to represent them. Our project pulls back the curtain.

Ethics Explorer

A tool that reveals the financial relationships and conflicts of interest of hundreds of Texas elected officials.

Bypassed by the Miracle

A series on the people and communities that have missed out on Texas’ economic success — or have found that it comes at a price.

Politics of Prevention

A series on the effects of state policy on women’s reproductive health in Texas.

Falling Behind

A series on the flip side of state leaders’ aggressive pursuit of the “Texas miracle.”

Disappearing Rio Grande

A months-long journey down the troubled Texas-Mexico river.

Faking the Grade

How Texas spent millions of federal dollars on private tutoring for the state’s poorest students and has little to show for it.