Ted Poe

 Ashley Elizabeth Hickey

Houston a Focal Point as Advocates Target Sex Trafficking

As a new survey shows large counties across the U.S. identifying human sex trafficking as a major problem, federal lawmakers and advocates have pointed to Houston as a critical city in their efforts to address the issue.

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 Justin Dehn

The Brief: Feb. 5, 2014

Add Greg Abbott, apparently, to those wanting to turn the page on coverage of Wendy Davis' life story.

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 Jack Plunkett / Erika Rich

The Evening Brief: Dec. 3, 2013

Your evening reading: Abbott and Davis square off on education; state insurance regulators move on new rules for health care "navigators"; Amazon drones worry U.S. Rep. Ted Poe

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 Todd Wiseman

The Brief: Nov. 20, 2013

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to keep in place for now new restrictions on Texas abortion facilities has thrust the state and the hot-button social issue back into the national spotlight.

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