Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

House Approves Four Loko Ban

The Texas House passed a bill today on malt liquor drinks that contain caffeine, ginseng, taurine or guarana. The bill prohibits the sale, manufacture, import and possessing of alcoholic energy drinks, like the infamous Four Loko.

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 Graphic by Becca Aaronson

Interactive: Where Texans Go To Drink

A sizable chunk of the state's general revenue — $635 million — in 2010 came from the mixed beverage tax. Texans drank 1.1 gallons of distilled spirits (liquor) each in 2010, which at 1.5 ounces a shot equals 94 mixed drinks a year. Check out our interactive map to see where Texans are going out for drinks.

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 Texans for Kay campaign

HuTube: Shot Blocker

Gotta hand it to these young Republicans for not letting a bitter battle between their bosses get in the way of polite pleasantries on the street.

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