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Explore Texas grassroots groups advocating for issues you care about


Emily Albracht

Hundreds of Texans across the state are organizing around policy issues they care about, whether it’s reducing gun control, reforming immigration policies, cutting taxes or legalizing marijuana. These Texans hope to shape politics in our state by acting inside and outside the Capitol, holding rallies, lobbying lawmakers and offering services and resources to the communities they represent.

Over the past several months, we've been collecting submissions from our readers to build a directory of Texas grassroots groups, which we hope will be a useful resource to our community. By searching the directory and filtering the data you can find organizations that are advocating for issues you care about (Issues and Description), where they are focused on (Geographic focus) and where to engage with them online (Twitter and Facebook).

More than 100 organizations are already in our grassroots directory. But we want it to grow and reflect the wide range of issues that matter to Texans of all backgrounds. And for that, we need your help: if you don't see a organization you know, please tell us about it using this form. We will update the directory periodically as we get new submissions. Meanwhile, meet more than 100 grassroots groups advocating for issues Texans care about: