Personal Profile

Full Name Steve Toth
Age 57
Hometown The Woodlands
Race White
Occupation Small Business Owner
Education High school; Some Seminary training at Rochester Bible College
Spouse: Babette
Religion Christian
Church WoodsEdge Community Church

Representative Steve Toth's father, a first generation American, taught his family the importance of faith, family and hard work. Representative Toth took in those lessons and after graduating from high school, joined his father and brothers in the family business. In 1984, he married his wife, Babette, and later had three children.

Today, he runs two companies - Acclaim Pools, a design build firm, and My Pool Xpert, a service and repair business in The Woodlands. Representative Toth currently serves as a teacher and elder at WoodsEdge Community Church and stay involved in the community through board positions with several non-profit organizations.

In November, Representative Toth was elected to the House of Representatives to represent House District 15. He currently serves on the Corrections and Criminal Jurisprudence committees.