Personal Profile

Full Name Ramon Romero Jr.
Hometown Fort Worth
Occupation Owner, Stone Mason Supply
Education B.S., Tarrant County College
Religion Catholic

Representative Ramon Romero, Jr. believes in a partnered approach between state and local governments that allows cities to be proactive in responding to the needs of their residents, while giving Texas businesses the environment and predictability necessary to thrive across the state.

Through his involvement as a neighborhood representative working with the Fort Worth City Council, he formed long-lasting relationships and was appointed to the Fort Worth Zoning Commission and chair of the Fort Worth Planning Commission during a period that saw Fort Worth’s greatest increase in size and population. These collective experiences fostered his passion for public service, which led to a close loss in a run for Fort Worth City Council in 2012. Still determined to serve his community in public office, he ran again, this time for State Representative in House District 90.

In 2014, he won the Democratic Primary for House District 90 in Fort Worth against an 18-year incumbent, becoming the first Hispanic State Representative in Tarrant County history. During his first term as State Representative, Romero was awarded 'Democrat Freshman of the Year' by his peers after a highly successful legislative session. He was a champion in fighting for important legislation cracking down on human trafficking, raising standards for county jails, and advocating for mental health awareness and care.

He took the experience of his first legislative session, and effectively applied it moving into his sophomore session. In a difficult political climate, Representative Romero worked across the aisle to accomplish several legislative goals, ending in a total of seven authored bills sent to the Governor’s desk. His focus remained on the principles that got him elected in 2014, including mental health access, criminal justice reform, increasing government transparency, and ensuring government is open and accessible to everyone.

Representative Romero is a lifelong resident of Fort Worth, Texas. Not much different than his parents, he started his family at a young age having four children: Lindsay, Lauren, Giovanni, and Ramon. While he attended Tarrant County College, he had mouths to feed and decided to enter the workforce. He left college, attained his irrigation license, and started his first business. A year later, he started his pool business, A-Fast Tile & Coping. By age 25, A-Fast had over 60 employees, many who were from his neighborhood. To this day, Representative Romero still owns A-Fast Tile & Coping and Stone Mason Supply.

Representative Romero is a well-respected father, businessman, and community leader who believes that success is measured not by how much you have received, but by how much you have given.

Information in this bio was provided by Romero's office.
Last updated: Aug. 3, 2017