The Playlist

The Playlist: She Caught the Katy

In a story this week about former Florida governor and likely presidential contender Jeb Bush's early Texas years, we learned that in college Bush and his roomies listened to jazz and Taj Mahal records on their stereo, so it's all Taj and jazz for this week's playlist of the week's news.

The Playlist: The Race is On

The first University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll of 2015 had good news for likely White House hopefuls Scott Walker and Hillary Clinton — so we’re kicking off this week’s playlist with George Jones singing “The Race Is On."

The Playlist: Thursday

There was no shortage of news coming out of the Capitol this week, but last Thursday was so singular that we built our entire playlist around the events of that day. Kicking things off: Wes Montgomery’s cover of “A Day In The Life” by The Beatles.

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