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Lt. Gov: Chavez-Thompson Grabs Early Lead

Democrat Linda Chavez-Thompson on January 4, 2010
Democrat Linda Chavez-Thompson on January 4, 2010

Linda Chavez-Thompson announces victory over Ronnie Earle and Marc Katz in the race for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor. The winner of that contest will face incumbent Republican David Dewhurst in November.

2010: Norma Chavez Boils Over

The El Paso state representative, who's in hard-fought primary today, got into a verbal sparring match on live radio with a reporter.

HuTube: At the Polls

Photographer Justin Dehn and I hit up some polling places around Austin to see what was on voters minds. We selected some timely music for our drive.

The Brief: March 2, 2010

Some unsolicited advice on how to make the most of Election/Texas Independence Day: Vote, of course, if you haven’t already. Then, get a party together and crank up the “Farouk!”

T-Squared: Super Bowl Tuesday

We have a ton planned for our coverage of primary night, including something approaching real-time results, frenetically updated maps, and a crowdsourced liveblog. Let the game(s) begin!

2010: Reyna Redux

In a midnight move before tomorrow’s election, 10th Court of Appeals Justice Felipe Reyna fired the opening salvos of a defamation lawsuit against a Longview doctor and two political action committees supporting his GOP primary opponent, Al Scoggins.

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